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Mobile POS Solutions

Whether you need a portable terminal, or a truly mobile point of sales solution we have devices and configurations to suit all needs.  Interested in being able to track your restaurant while you're on the go?  With RMMonitor by Restaurant Manager you can track all of your business' important information in real-time with any Android or iOS device.  


Watch the video to see Restaurant Manager running on a Samsung Galaxy Series phone.  Restaurant Manager can be run on any Android or iOS device and in the case of iOS devices can also process credit cards.  Say goodbye to order taking mistakes as your servers can now enter a customer's order directly into the POS while they're still tableside.


Perhaps you need a larger device, but still want to maintain mobility.  Restaurant Manager can be run on all Android and iOS tablet devices.  Combine an iPad Mini with a ruggedized case and a card reader and you have a truly mobile point of sale terminal.

RM Monitor

Reporting: redefined.  Business owners have notoriously hectic schedules.  Look at all of your restaurant's relevent information, anytime, anywhere.  With Restaurant Manager's RMMonitor, you can use your Android or iOS device to get real-time data on your restaurants, sales, labor, and waste any time you want.

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